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Production and Casting are what we do best. What sets us apart is that our productions are seamless, and our castings are extraordinary so that your clients keep coming back time and again. If Stir were to come up with its own slogan, we would say we are a solid mix of resources for your production. You ask, "well what does that include?" and we would say, "what doesn’t it include?"

stir story . . . 003b | THE TRUTH BEHIND THE LEGEND

Where did we come from? Once upon a time, Emily Harrell worked for a well known advertising photographer in Atlanta. With a background in emergency room management, and a keen sense of detail and organization, studio management and production came as natural talents for Emily. After leaving her position, and freelancing for some time, something was stirring, something BIG. She wanted a place where she could mix all the details of an amazing production and offer it to the many photographers in the Southeast and around the world. And thus Stir was born. So, Emily needed help and along came Radford Harrell. Radford was technologically savvy, quite an encyclopedia of knowledge, and could manage all the details of starting and running a company. And now, they pull off amazing productions together. The end.

stir people . . . 003c | THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE TRUTH

Emily Harrell has been immersed in the details all of her life. As a young child, her family changed her middle name to Why. She asks the questions, she finds the answers, she adds her creativity to everything she does, and she is motivated by people and relationships. We don’t “do” titles at Stir, but if we were going to, her title would be something like: “Head Juggling Girl Friday.”

Radford Harrell has been an information junkie, taking apart computers and traveling the world long before it was cool. He can find you anything, anywhere, anytime and with a nickname like Dr. Diesel, can fix any problem in the process. Radford holds the prestigious role of “Head Project Archeologist Jack of all Trades.”

Freelancers are a big part of our successful productions. We hire everyone and we hire only the best. You name it, we know them. From top digital assistants to prop masters and even a chicken wrangler!

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Who in the world is "Stir?" What in the world do they do? Where in the world are they going? All relevent questions; all of them answered in this area of our website. Enjoy!

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