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stir production 004 | WE CAN MANAGE

We manage every detail of your production from start to finish so all you have to do is show up and shoot. Our clients describe our production as seamless. Here is some of what we do....or should we say what don’t we do.

nitty gritty estimating | budget management | digital casting and upload | on street casting | talent negotiations | stellar crew | location logistics | planes, trains and automobiles | on-site coordination | invoicing and packaging job | a big fat thank you note to your client | whatever it takes to make you look good

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stir casting 004 | LOOK WHAT WE FOUND

We love people. Old people, young people, famous or not yet known. We carry our business cards everywhere we go, and when we meet an interesting face, we get them to sign up on our expanding database of real people. Need a pro model, we can get you set up. Need an interesting look, we can hit the streets or search our online database at We just can’t get enough.

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We know what you're thinking; "What can stir possibly do for me?" Hence, we've devoted an entire section of our website toward educating you on just that subject. Learn!

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